Electricity Trader

As an electricity trading license holder, we have been involved in all the wholesale and control areas of the electricity market since 2013. We have an EFET, i.e. electricity market wholesale framework contract with the key electricity trader on the market, and we also actively trade in the day-ahead (DA) and intra-day (ID) markets of HUPX (organised electricity market).

We operate a market balance group of our own where we provide balance group services to our balance group members as balance group representative. In full harmony with this activity, we also operate a Control Centre of our own, consisting of gas engine and gas turbine small power plants and solar power plants. With this, we are also active participants of the aFRR (secondary) and mFRR (tertiary) markets, providing reserve services to MAVIR. As obligatory off-take balance group representative, we perform the scheduling of 37 small PV parks.

Accreditation of System Services

The task of the system operator is to ensure through load control that the balance of power on the generator and consumer side is achieved at a frequency that is minimally different from the nominal frequency. System services include balancing, comprising FCR (primary), aFRR (secondary) and mFRR (tertiary) control.

To be able to participate in one of the system services, a control unit must meet the accreditation requirements. Energiabörze controls an accredited solar power plant capacity of more than 200 MW, of which nearly 50% is accredited for FRR control.

then Energiabörze!

Expert Aggregator

As an expert aggregator, with the help of our control centre and thanks to our well-designed technology and processes, we offer a package to our solar and battery park partners, allowing them to deal only with production.

We fully focus on trading electricity originating from renewable sources and flexible storage systems in the day-ahead, intraday and balancing energy markets. We schedule, control and accredit.

Mandatory Involvement of Solar Power Plants in Control

Energiabörze Kft provides a solution for the aFRR/mFRR (automatic/manual Frequency Restoration Reserve) accreditation of solar parks and reverse power consumers which are currently the most challenging units.

We install the control devices by relying on the existing data logging and accounting measurement systems of the solar panels. We successfully perform the required accreditations and provide for the mandatory offering of the parks.

In the accreditation process, the inspection of a control unit covers the following:

  • command response accuracy
  • operation on the control limits
  • upward and downward control capabilities, and
  • operation and behaviour of the unit during the change of control direction.

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