Our Vision

Increasing the number of the self-owned small power plants and the functional development of the existing control centre are two fundamental elements of our mission. In addition, exploring new market areas and offering energy solutions are also parts of our strategic endeavours.

Energiabörze Kft is a customer oriented, dynamically developing innovative company with a strong financial background, which:

Is a reliable partner of suppliers, credit institutes and professional organisations

Works using the most modern technologies

Aims at building the future with the involvement of like-minded partners

Foundation of the Company

The foundation of our company was decided by a few professionals of the electricity sector in August 2012. Our goal was to create and efficiently operate a control centre. As opposed to other control centres, this was not based on purchasing and implementing a ready-made business solution but entirely on in-house development both on the central and power plant side of the control system. This solution ensures the independence of our company from the external resources in the operation and development of the system, as well as a high competence level and a thorough knowledge of the system by our employees.

Our IT specialists are personally involved in the development of the process control system. Our own maintenance team performs all the maintenance and repair tasks other than major overhauls.

Expert Team

  • Electricity generation
  • Electricity trade
  • Ensuring balance group membership
  • System services
  • Steam, heating energy and utility hot water production
  • Aggregator role
  • Accreditation of solar power plants



Controlling with the power plants of external partners

In the period following our start-off in 2013, our capacities were provided exclusively by external small power plants. In addition to the gas engine small power plant in Kelenföld, we used the gas engine small power plants of our partners in Dombóvár, Pécs, Tabánya and Szeged for control.

Building an own power plant portfolio

The competition for the capacities of external small power plants highlighted the need for power plants of our own. In this spirit, by today, a group of companies has developed, comprising several small power plants owned by our parent company, as well as Energiabörze Kft responsible for energy trade. So, in addition to the system services provided to the system operator, the scope of activities of our group includes local heat supply as well. To accomplish our growing tasks, we set up our own gas engine maintenance team in addition to our electrical specialists.

Our maintenance people have more than 10 years of professional experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of small power plants.